Price list

Services UnitPrice (UAH)
Dry cleaning
sofa depending on the number
of seats (1 seat - 60 cm)
armchair each 250
folding armchair each 300
chair back each 90
backless chair each 70
mattress (2- bedroom)on both sides each 600
mattress (1.5- bedroom) on both sides each 500
mattress (single bedroom) on both sides each 400
mattress (kids) on both sides each 350
pouf each 100
carpet square meter80
pulled carpeting  (up to 100 square meter)square meter 40
leather sofa depending on the number
of seats  (1 seat - 60 cm)
leather armchair each 350
curtains (synthetic tissue) square meter 50
tulle  (laundering, ironing) square meter 50
dry cleaning of exclusive carpets
(silk, viscose, handmade, antique  carpets)
square meter 200
pool tables:
russian each 800
american each 500
after construction square meter (one side)70-100
seasonal cleaning square meter (one side)50
display case square meter 50
facade square meter 30-50
hard surface
wall tiles square meter 40
floor tiles square meter 30
tiles after construction square meter 50
granite square meter 50
marblesquare meter 50
floor (laminate, parquet, linoleum) square meter 30
covering the floors with protective layer
and cleaning  linoleum floors
square meter 100
paving slabs square meter 50
hydrophobization  and cleaning of paving slabs square meter 100
swimming pool (tile)square meter 50
general1-room apartment 3500
2-room apartment 4000
construction1-room apartment 4500
2-room apartment 5000
office square meter30-60
office  after constructionsquare meter40-70
office (regular) square meterin agreement from 10000 per mounth
yachts, runabouts, aircraft, jets square meterin agreement

10% discount card for loyal clients

Minimum purchase order:

dry cleaning – 1200 (UAH), windows cleaning –  2500 (UAH), paving slabs and swimming pool (tile)  – 3000 (UAH),

Cleaning: 1-room apartment  – 3500 (UAH), 2-room apartment– 4000 (UAH).

Final price  depends on the quantity and  square footage  – the  more quantity and  square footage, the lower is the price. 

It is important to remember when choosing a cleaning company is not to focus solely on the price. Safe and effective professional chemicals that our company uses are much more expensive. This is due to the absence of phosphates, perchloroethylene, ammonium hydroxide and other hazardous substances in their composition. Therefore, not only the result of the services, but also Your health as well as Your family health depends on the chemicals used.

Unfortunately, due to unprofessional work of cleaning companies, in most cases, spots cannot be removed again, and in some cases, this can lead to objects damage. Our company offers qualified personnel, professional equipment and facilities. The result is cleanliness and order without any prejudice to You.