Floor cleaning, floor polishing

Floors - an integral part of the building. If the floor is clean and also shines it the first step in creation of a positive impression at visitors.

Floor cleaning, floor polishingAppropriate care of floors plays a large role in cleaning of the room since health of the visitors and people working in this building depends on it. On a sole of people’ shoes pathogenic organisms are transferred on all building. Regular cleaning of floors is the best way to eliminate transfer of infections and creation of the most comfortable conditions for people which are in the building.

Also a large role is played by extension of service life of floors. Correctly served floors are protected from wear and damages therefore, service of floors reduces need for expensive repair. If a floor is protected properly the volume of routine maintenance is reduced approximately by 50% while the appearance of a floor improves and it becomes beautiful and clean longer term.

Our company offers the periodic program for care of a floor:

Deep cleaning of a floor (if a floor was in operation, removal of deeply eaten dirt)
Removal of old polishes (if they have been applied)
Drawing a protective layer
Polishing of a protective layer

The correct regular service of a floor provides qualitative result: it helps to prolong service life of a floor and its protective properties.

Мойка пола, полировка пола

Cleaning and polishing of a floor

Cleaning and polishing of a floor are for certain one of the most difficult processes in cleaning. In order that the floor covering shine and there is no spots on it, it is important to know what detergents to use for it. We have an impressive experience of floor polishing and we always warrant for absolute result.

Cleaning and polishing of a floor can independently take up a lot of time, and our experts know subtleties of work with hard-to-reach places and are ready to perform work immediately. Care of floors is important not only in premises, but, of course, in public institutions. The frequent sink of a floor and polishing interferes with transfer of infections and pathogenic bacteria through dirt on soles. The pleasant esthetic type of a floor undoubtedly promotes also comfort of employees, so improvement of a working situation. Competent polishing and a cleaning of a floor promote increase in term of its service. Charge a cleaning of own floor to specialists of the cleaning company and you intend to entrust it to us constantly. We work with all floor coverings and undertake task of any complexity. Make the decision to update own floor, having ordered a cleaning and polishing of a floor. You can specify subtleties of polishing and to ask questions concerning details of cleaning services by phones called in contacts of the company. We appreciate the choice of own clients and therefore we treat transformation of floor surfaces with genuine enthusiasm. Test quality of our polishing and you won't want to wash the floor independently any more.

The qualitative and careful cleaning of a floor, polishing is required? We will return to your floor covering a presentable look, our quotations are acceptable.