Cleaning up after the corporate parties

You relax together, we clean up together!

Cleaning up after the corporate partiesCorporate party is an impressive and long-awaited event for each employee working in the company. Of course, there are such individuals who do not like pleasure actions at all, but, nevertheless, all employees have to be on this action.

The organization of corporate holidays – it is very troublesome and difficult. It is necessary to write the scenario, to appoint performers, to make a lot of purchases, to choose music and many other things. And this day has come. An official part has passed just middling, and there has come time of pleasures and entertainments! The informal situation, competitions, dances and tasty food help collective to know better each other and to feel on itself care of the favourite company.

But all good sometime comes to an end, and it's time of BIG CLEANING UP. Dear customers, don't think of cleaning! Let you continue a holiday. We will professionally and quickly remove all consequences of a cheerful and unforgettable event. Have a rest and don't think of consequences! 

How do we clean up?

As a rule, customers agree about cleaning up before to the party. After the event you should clean up the mess at once, and the delay, as the saying runs, that is death. Our workers without losing minutes, get to work. First of all, soft furniture are inspected regarding existence of spots and impurities. At detection spots are removed, with the subsequent processing of furniture by portable installation for cleaning up "BRAVO". Then we turn to a floor and walls. By means of the vacuum ex-tractor vacuum cleaner of high pressure "Galaxy" of the known American company "EDIC" we carefully remove a raid of dirt and dust on a carpet.

Additional actions for cleaning up after the celebration

cleaning of plinths;
removal of local impurities on door blocks and doors, partitions and walls;
cleaning of handrails;
cleaning of radiators of heating;
removal of dust on of inflow exhaust ventilation;
cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces;
removal of dust from various surfaces;
cleaning of dust on lamps and lighting fixtures;
dry-cleaning of soft furniture;
cleaning up of local impurities from furniture;
wiping of furniture (legs of chairs, armchairs, tables, surfaces of cases, etc.);
cleaning up of litter-boxes and baskets for garbage;
cleaning up of ashtrays.

Perhaps, the list of necessary works will be much wider, but it is possible to define it only after the celebration. Having addressed to our company, you can quietly have fun and not think of what will be then. Our motto – “You relax together, we clean up together”! 

Cleaning up after the parties

The organization of parties is very troublesome matter requiring attention, appropriate experience and patience. Only professional organizers can make the interesting program of evening, competently distribute duties and take care that each participant feels comfortably. Certainly it is necessary to take care also of careful cleaning up after the parties in order to return to the room the required purity after the action.

Cleaning up after the parties — is not an easy task. After the rough celebration cleaning of plinths and removal of impurities on walls, a furniture and other surfaces is sometimes needed. After the highly topical program of celebration you simply do not have the strength to do the cleaning independently after the parties. We recommend to charge the routine processes, connected with cleaning to skilled experts who with enthusiasm will undertake an objective. We know what detergents for concrete surfaces better to use and how more effectively to remove various spots. Independent cleaning up after the parties will take away a lot of time, and we are ready to carry out cleaning in few hours. Charge cleaning to us today and you will trust to us putting in order of rooms after the similar actions constantly. If necessary, we are ready to undertake a dry-cleaner of soft furniture or a careful cleaning of windows. If cleaning after the parties is necessary for you, address us today and we will carry out a task of any complexity. To specify nuances of the offered cleaning up and to ask the questions disturbing you about cleaning services, call on numbers offered above. We are glad to new clients and we always responsibly undertake objectives.

Do you need cleaning up after the parties? We will update any room and will offer loyal cost.