Washing of the pool and paving slabs in Kiev

Cleaning of the pool

All like to swim in the pool. Imagine: hot summer day, the sun in a zenith and there's no escape from hot air. But in the yard there is a wonderful pool with cool and clear water! Having gathered full lungs, you dive into fragrant freshness, and for several seconds, freezing under water, you come up on a water surface. Beauty!

However, if the pool is your property, then you willy-nilly should contain it in perfect purity. Otherwise the pool can grow mouldy, there will be an unpleasant slippery substance at the bottom, and over a surface of the water the steady smell of rotten dampness will wave.

Cleaning-Service company, using the necessary cleaning equipment and the corresponding expendables, carries out such type of service as cleaning of the pool. Our employees at the high qualitative level and in strictly stipulated terms will clean the dirty pool and will prepare it for the coming swimming season.

Cleaning of the pool: features

Cleaning of the pool

The main problems during operation of the pool are considered a mud raid on walls and all-round marly sediment. Cleaning of the pool provides obligatory removal of these contamination. This process is, as a rule, carried out manually. For this purpose, our employees use special mops with dense pile, but not scratching the surface the pool finishing. Then the special cleaning composition for removal of a mud raid is applied. Further mud solution is flushed with water.

The mud clots which have hung over a waterline also are carefully removed. In pools where people like to use creams for suntan - it is a typical phenomenon. Cream, washed away from skin, float on a water surface, dust intensively sticks to them, and all this plentifully settles subsequently along a water edge. Further cleaning of ladders is carried out. Limescale is accurately removed from them, all elements are polished to gloss.

Well-tried remedy for cleaning of the pool production of the American company PROCHEM. By means of these means our experts will be able to carefully remove dirt practically from any material.

It should be noted that the pool is cleaned taking into account its current state. That is, everything depends on extent of impurities. Sometimes cleaning of the pool, whether it be the covered or outdoor pool, takes no more than three-four hours, and sometimes it is necessary to work much longer.

Clean pool: advices on maintenance

For normal functioning of the pool it is necessary to stock up with pumps, high-quality filters, heaters of water and, certainly, the system of water purification. The cost of the equipment is influenced by the size of the pool and a condition of its operation.

Intensive operation of the pool assumes regular removal from a bowl of a reservoir of foliage, various insects and even Amphibia who quite often choose the pool for life and cultivation of the numerous posterity. Perhaps, it is necessary to get a special big cover for the pool. It is possible to catch foreign objects by means of the most ordinary net.

In the summer outdoor pools, as a rule, begin "to grow mouldy" or being expressed more well, seaweed and microorganisms begin to breed actively in them. Various chemical means are applied to fight against uninvited guests. If the moment is missed, then full cleaning of the pool will be required. It doesn't do to tear off diligently something firm the raid which has stuck around a waterline: it is possible to damage the surface of facing material to which dirt will stick much quicker and fully.

Washing of paving slabs

It is very conveniently to go on the sidewalks paved by paving slabs. The strong paving slabs are easily mounted in specially prepared places, and its form and colour scheme depends on desire of the customer.

Washing of paving slabs will allow to contain the surface of sidewalks in a clean state and dirt won't manage to eat in slabs. Our experts will remove stains from slabs surface, using for this purpose special means for care of a stone. The stains which have strongly eaten in slab are processed manually. After that by means of highly effective rotor cars all surface of paving slabs is accurately cleaned. At the final stage the slabs are washed from the special device from which water is pumped under big pressure.

Regular cleaning of the pool and washing of paving slabs by our experts will allow you to maintain ideal purity on your seasonal dacha!

To order cleaning services address by phones in Kiev:

(044) 592-38-63

Washing of pools

Any owner of a country house or dacha would like to have the own pool to have an opportunity to swim without leaving the yard. And some people even manage to fulfill such dream, but there are some difficulties which can sadden a little its operation an obligatory washing of pools.

In difference from a usual bathroom or shower, the washing of pools is not the simple task demanding not only the equipment, but also skill. Independent carrying out a washing of pools, without experience of holding such procedures, can be long and not effective. For this reason, we offer you our services directed to the solution of this question.

If you need a qualitative washing of pools, then we are ready to offer our services and to effectively help you with it. Our employees have sufficiently broad specialization in the sphere of a cleaning therefore we can cope not only with this task and to organize your complex cleaning, if necessary.

Washing of the pool has to be carried out depending of how often you use it and for what reason you needed ours services. For example, if you have come up against a situation when a lot of garbage, sand or other things has got to the pool, then it can demand even full descent of water with cleaning of the pool inside. But most often our employees carry out cleaning by means of the special equipment, without merging water.

In order that the washing of the pool will be effective, our employees use only the best means and the equipment therefore you can count that we will cope with an objective reasonably well and quickly.

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