Dry-cleaning of leather furniture (Kiev)

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Professional cleaning of soft furniture Price
Leather chair 80,00 UAH
Leather sofa 75,00 UAH

It is known that the soft furniture made of genuine leather is capable to serve faithfully and loyally very long, however, as practice testifies, without professional care the term of its operation is strongly reduced.

If you have a soft leather furniture, its appearance has to be ideal. Or else, why to buy expensive sofas and chairs, it is possible to manage quietly less whimsical fabric products. Unlike a fabric upholstery the leather upholstery demands careful, and the main thing, regular care and protection. Otherwise on a surface of furniture deep cracks or spots can appear. And though leather material is stronger, than a fabric upholstery, it is necessary to pay attention to it much more, because leather is quite problematic material which demands permanent care.

Cleaning-Service carries out a professional dry-cleaning of leather furniture in Kiev. Cleaning up of leather furniture provides technician's visit.

  Dry-cleaning of leather furniture: features of works

Almost each owner of the apartment, office or country house dreams to get leather furniture. The soft sofa from leather always becomes a pride subject for the owner and object of admiration for guests.

For production of furniture leather of the superior quality of finishing is used. Generally, it is processed in manual way. Initial raw materials pass not less than 10 different technological stages before becoming a qualitative elastic and wearproof upholstery. However, in the process of operation, the owners still have to apply various impregnations which allow to increase the life time of furniture considerably.

Before cleaning up, our employees hold testing of material and define quality of a dressing. If the leather is premium, then it will necessarily be soft and elastic. At the same time producers can do without colourants at all. To clean a similar leather upholstery is difficult and expensive. The thin layer method of coloring which allows to hide insignificant defects is applied to skin of the second or third grade. Its advantage is that it perfectly transfers emergence of spots and direct beams of the sun aren't so terrible to it. Finishing of material for an upholstery of the fourth or fifth of grades is paid attention much less, than previous therefore it isn't suitable for serious and long operation.

All this information on features of this or that type of a leather upholstery will allow to pick up correctly suitable cleaner for a dry-cleaning. Of course everybody can select any cleaner for the leather sofa however at the same time it is important to understand that without professional testing it is almost impossible to define how material will react to chemical means.

After it has become about what type of a leather our experts have to work, it is possible to start removal of impurities. All works are carried out exclusively in manual. Processing of leather is carried out by means of PROCHEM professional chemical cleaners (England).

Care of leather furniture

Our experts recommend to pay more attention to leather furniture. Of course, the regular dry-cleaning of leather furniture is necessary, however anyway intermediate cleanings will allow to prolong the term of its use. The main thing - to follow simple rules on care and to consider some important features. For example, knowing that leather well absorbs and gives moisture, it is necessary to support the level of moisture of a leather upholstery at the level of 10-15%, at the general humidity of surrounding space of 60-70%. It will allow to prevent dryness and, as a result, fragility of leather and also a peeling of varnish-and-paint composition.

Nothing can resist influence of time and leather furniture is not an exception. As a leather upholstery natural material, there are fatty substances in it which gradually begin to evaporate. In this regard we recommend to grease leather furniture, at least few times in a year. It can be done with own hand, and it is possible and to entrust our experts.

On top of that furniture from leather should be placed far away from direct beams of the sun as long influence of intensive ultraviolet can cause fading and even peeling of paints. For removal of dust from leather furniture use usual slightly humidified flannel rag. From time to time for more thorough processing it is possible to use neutral soap.

The dry-cleaning of leather furniture in Cleaning - Service company is always excellent result. We not just clean soft furniture, we professionally create conditions in which your leather furniture will be able to show all the soft qualities completely!

Dry-cleaning of leather furniture, leather sofas

Are you interested in a dry-cleaning of leather furniture, leather sofas? The cleaning company Cleaning - Service company with pleasure offers you its help. Address us, and you will have an opportunity to see as true professionals work.

Completely all furniture which surrounds you, even with the most high-quality and expensive can absorb in itself different smells, impurities and dust. It is almost impossible to get rid of them by own efforts. Therefore, there is a dry-cleaning of leather furniture (a leather sofa). At the expense of the professional specialists of our company having unique skills, this procedure takes the minimum time, and brings the maximum result.

The dry-cleaning of leather furniture, leather sofa will help to find the maximum purity and freshness in your house. You will be always surrounded by a cosiness and comfort if you regularly watch a condition of your native corner.

Only our dry-cleaner of leather furniture, leather sofas is carried out at such professional level and at such fair prices. Availability of our services and their result will be able pleasantly to surprise you. The dry-cleaner of leather furniture, leather sofas has to be carried out by means of only qualitative and well-tried remedies. As skin is a high level material which besides is fairly expensive. Therefore it is necessary to use special means which can't cope to provoke damages of the processed production.

The cleaning company "Cleaning-Service" offers you service a dry-cleaning of leather furniture, leather sofas. Give us chance to take care of purity of your house.


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