Cleaning of paving slabs with drawing a sheeting

Hydrophobisators - are the special compositions designed to make the processed materials not moistened by water. As a result of a hydrofobisation water ceases to get even into pore and fissures up to 1 mm wide.

Cleaning of paving slabs Hydrofobisation creates absolutely new opportunities. Without considerable expenses it is possible to prevent destruction processes, to liquidate "blooms", etc. Application of hydrophobisators reduces a consumption of paintwork and impregnating materials, reduces destructive influence of acids, increases mobility and plasticity of concrete, solutions, plaster mixes. The processed materials keep these qualities at surface treatment at least more than 10 years, and at volume introduction (deep impregnation) - all service life of a design, building, product.

General rules of hydrophobisators application. The protected surfaces have to be carefully cleaned from dust, dirt, defects and cracks are closed up. Traces of fatty and oil spots should be washed away by solvent. Peelings of materials, fragile plaster to remove, if necessary to plaster anew. To process the bearing and protecting designs after completion of finishing works. Compositions have to be carefully mixed. To apply on a surface with a brush, roller, spray before the absorption termination (to gloss). To carry out works at a positive temperature. Time of approach of hydrophobic effect depends on conditions and materials and is from tens of minutes to 24-hour period.

Its sign - complete cessation of water absorption (rolling water). Before hydrophobic effect the surface has to be protected from atmospheric actions (from rain and snow).

Washing of pools, sidewalks, paving slabs

Washing of pools, sidewalks, paving slabsIf not to pay due attention to your pool water will lose its transparency and will get an unpleasant smell, and its covering will become slippery with a limy raid. And clear and transparent water is desire of any person swimming in the pool.

In order that your pool always sparkled purity, it needs care and attention. Our company provides service of a pools washing which includes 3 main stages:

  • cleaning of a pool surface of with removal of the hardened limy raids and dirt by means of the rotor car and chemical solution;
  • Washing of poolscleaning of margin of a pool from oil and fatty impurities by means of special solution and devices;
  • processing of walls and a bottom of the pool before filling by water by special disinfecting solution by means of the high-pressure apparatus.

Our technologists, depending on type of impurities, will pick up the corresponding cleaner or means for disinfection, removal of rust and mineral deposits. For performance of all works only the professional stock, the equipment and chemical means are used.

Works are performed by the professional equipment of "EDIC" USA chemical medicines

Remember!!! Choosing the company on a cleaning, you trust it your health!

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