Dry cleaning of exclusive carpets

Dry cleaning of exclusive carpetsDry cleaning of carpets is often also called powder because of appearance of cleaner. The detergent composition is really similar to powder, but in practice it consists form millions of microsponges. Small sponges are impregnated with special composition which dissolves any dirt: both water, and oily or fat. Sponges "take away" dirt on themselves from carpet fibers, then are removed by means of the vacuum cleaner.

Pluses and minuses

Advantage of a method is low degree of moisture content of the cleaned product: it doesn't exceed 5-10%. It means that using this technique deformations, "shrinkage", decolouration or emergence of stains are excluded. In short, such cleaning will suit all those products which demand delicate approach: to handmade carpets, silk carpets, homespun coverings from wool and even to antiquarian carpets.

However dry cleaning has also a reverse of the medal — its not too high efficiency. The product in this case is cleaned not completely. Only the top third of pile "is being worked out" better, to make the way deep into, to the basis — microsponges can't. So dry cleaning is suitable only for not strongly impure products. If on a carpet there are spots — possibly application of the combined method: general dry cleaning and processing of local impurities by stain removers.

Technology of carpets cleaning by a dry method

  • Preparatory stage. Processing of a carpet by the powerful vacuum cleaner allows to remove dust and loose dirt and also to raise pile.
  • Drawing a conditioner on carpet in the form of spray for 10-15 minutes. This composition destroys communications between fibers and pollution, thus, dirt "departs" from pile.
  • Uniform distribution of dry cleaner on all area of a carpet.
  • "Driving in" of powder in pile by means of the special device for dry cleaning equipped with two brushes rotating towards each other.
  • Interaction of powder with imputiries: sponges absorb dirt, "taking away" it on themselves.
  • Removal of the "fulfilled" cleaner by means of the powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Removal of spots by stain removers.
  • If necessary, in a case with long pile products, pile "combing".

Dry cleaning of exclusive carpets

Exclusive carpets (dry cleaning) belong to an expensive price segment and bear in themselves great value. Therefore, it is necessary to see after their state and to provide them permanent care that they kept the main qualities as long as possible. They have unique advantages which draw to attention themselves of many people.

If you want that something special and unique was stored in your house, then you need to get an exclusive carpet (dry cleaning). It will decorate any room with ease, will emphasize it and will give it solidity. It will provide to your house comfort, a cosiness and heat.

Who has already got such extraordinary decision in own way, the dry cleaning of exclusive carpets is necessary for that. It is the most optimum way of removal of any spots and various impurities. It is completely safe, and won't be able to do harm or damage to your product. Therefore, you with confidence can entrust her its purity and freshness.

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