Cleaning of show-windows, facades and their service

Cleaning of facade (Kiev)

Cleaning of facade KievIt is possible to return magnificence and a prestigious look to city buildings, having used such demanded and essential service as a cleaning of a facade in Kiev.

Everyone can fairly tell about not washed and slovenly person that he/she is a dirty creature. He/she is avoided, people don't want to greet him/her, he/she is tried to be ignored also in, the end of the ends, people just forgot about him/her.

Houses as people – all of them are different and not identical. It is possible to meet beautiful, elegant and attractive, and it is possible to meet standard, usual. However, the thrown, forgotten and modest structures come across among them. And as if meeting the sloven, people involuntarily take views from dim facades aside of the clean buildings shining bright beauty.

A facade cleaning in Kiev carried out by specialists of "Cleaning-Service" will allow to get rid of the eaten atmospheric contaminants, a sticky black soot, dust, various spots, the remains of solution, drips, rust, etc. Moreover, the cleaning of a facade provides careful cleaning of the stone brick or plastered facades from the blooms appearing in use. For improvement of resilience of facades to aggressive atmospheric action specialists process the walls surface by special impregnation. These works are known as "a facade hydrofobisation". For implementation of works our specialists use autotowers, tours, special sliding ladders and even the climbing equipment.

Cleaning of facade (Kiev): features

Cleaning of facade Before starting work specialists of the cleaning company “Cleaning-Service” surely perform careful inspection of a facade. During inspection of a walls surface facing material and also character of the accumulated dirt is attentively studied. Besides within preliminary preparation our employees check the surface of a facade regarding probable defects and any damages. All information will be very useful during selection of the suitable cleaning agent and the washing equipment.

If there is not too eaten dirt on walls, then our specialists carry out washing of a facade by means of the special washing solution which will move to a cleaning object under pressure. Then the facade, in places where dense beds of dirt are observed, is carefully cleaned by means of special facade brushes. After all these actions mud-dust weight is washed away by clear flowing water.  

Cleaning of show-windows facadesWhen the soot and dirt "have literally eaten" in a facade blanket, it is necessary to delete them with preliminary soaking.

This process means dispersion of effective detergent with the subsequent soaking within several days. The cleaning agent will be dissolved in a mud raid and will make it softer and is more pliable for removal. After that specialists accurately clean a facade surface, using the special facade equipment, and then carefully wash out with clear flowing water.

Cleaning of windows, show-windows, facades

Cleaning of windows, show-windows, facades is really labor-intensive process which demands patience, attentiveness and certainly competent approach. To deal with a glass cleaning independently and without due experience it is difficult and not always possible to achieve the desired result. Today we recommend to entrust a cleaning to professionals who will execute it really qualitatively and quickly.

The independent cleaning of windows, show-windows, facades can take the whole day, and deal with stains or spots could not succeed in the end. Charge a cleaning to competent specialists who have solid experience with the most hard-to-reach spots. We carry out a cleaning of windows, show-windows, facades after repair and we know by means of what detergents it is easier to get rid of various construction spots and traces of solution. We guarantee absolute result of the recommended cleaning after which you shouldn't improve purity of a window or a show-window independently. Cleaning of windows, show-windows or facades will not take too much of our time, of course, if you wish you can be present at a cleaning.

We will help to get rid of traces of rust, city soot and dirt. Call us today and having tested original quality of cleaning services, you will be intend to address us constantly. We are ready to carry out a cleaning of windows and show-windows, facades, having listened to personal offers. For us it is important to achieve absolute result and to satisfy the customer's wishes with the performed work in full-sized. To get appropriate advice, contact us on numbers called above. Our specialists honestly treat each task.

Are you interested in cleaning of windows, show-windows, facades? We have pleasant quotations and we guarantee result.


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