Dry-cleaning of curtains, undercurtains, tulle

Professional dry-cleaning of soft furniture 24 hours 7 days a week.
Safe chemistry and high-quality cleaning services by the trained personnel with an experience more than 8 year

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Why us?

More than 20 years we provide professional cleaning services
We work 24 hours 7 days a week
EDIC, MYTEE, NUMATIC professional cleaning equipment from the American producers and also the Italian LIND HAUS vacuum cleaners
Highly skilled personnel with an experience
Prochem (England), Chemspec (USA) and Hagleitner professional chemical tools
Obligatory testing of an upholstery and filler for prevention of undesirable influence of chemical means

Dry-cleaning of curtains Dry-cleaning of tulle Dry-cleaning of curtains, undercurtains, tulle

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Call or electronic application

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Step 3.
Testing and survey of an
upholstery and filler

Step 4.
Dry-cleaning of curtains, undercurtains, tulle

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13 Krivorozhskaya St., Kiev

(044) 237-63-26
(044) 592-38-63
(067) 230-67-65
(063) 237-63-26
(066) 948-32-03


Curtains are that element of any interior which become soiled one of the first, and at the same time, they draw considerable attention to themselves. Therefore, you should pay considerable attention to putting of your curtains in an order.

Fat spots, traces from fingers, dust and dirt — all this not the rarity, and a dry-cleaner of curtains in Kiev will cope with all this without effort. The thing is that in our company cleaning and washing of curtains is carried out by means of special chemical means after which use any spots will be removed as fast as possible and effectively. But we don't forget also about safety of our clients therefore all used mixes are absolutely safe for your health.

One more feature of our cleaning of curtains is in high professionalism of our employees who have special skills and considerable experience in the sphere of curtains cleaning. Our employees will never spoil your curtains or tulle when cleaning as testing of materials is previously held. And if necessary, we can provide services in a dry-cleaning of curtains at home though in that case, process of cleaning will be more difficult.

Even if you don't use curtains, and have got on blinds windows, then you also had to face that blinds though are more resistant to impurity, all the same have property becomes dusty and to be soiled. For this reason, our cleaning company is engaged in a dry-cleaning of blinds as well as, regardless of a form and the sizes.

And if you need urgent services of a dry-cleaning of curtains, tulle or blinds, then we are ready to arrive at any time to carry out all necessary services and to return to your things an excellent look.