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More than 20 years we provide professional cleaning services
We work 24 hours 7 days a week
EDIC, MYTEE, NUMATIC professional cleaning equipment from the American producers and also the Italian LIND HAUS vacuum cleaners
Highly skilled personnel with an experience
Prochem (England), Chemspec (USA) and Hagleitner professional chemical tools
Obligatory testing of an upholstery and filler for prevention of undesirable influence of chemical means
Removal of mud stratifications by means of Galaxy professional extractor (USA)
Drying time 2-3 hours

Химчистка ковролина Киев

How do we work:

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Specialist’s visit

Step 3.
Testing and survey of an
upholstery and filler

Step 4.
Furniture dry-cleaning
removal of an unpleasant smell
processing of furniture by washing
chemical solution

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(044) 592-38-63
(067) 230-67-65
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The modern dry-cleaning of an industrial carpet represents complex actions for removal of spots, dirt and dust.

Fitted carpet deprived of due care contribute to the development of the unhealthy environment in apartments, offices or in country houses. Besides, if the dry-cleaning of an industrial carpet is carried out not regularly, then the appearance of a product will worsen over time and will become the reason of emergence of bad mood.

The dry-cleaning of an industrial carpet, carried out by professionals, will allow to delete spots and impurities of various origin. If to do cleaning not systematically, then the industrial carpet will gradually turn into a dim covering with an unpleasant glossy and oily shade and mass of the most various small spots. In view of the fact that the industrial carpet a difficult product, the dry-cleaning of an industrial carpet has to be carried out by professionals. Special technologies of cleaning, chemical means and the equipment will create optimum conditions for long and trouble-free operation of fitted carpets. 

The dry-cleaning of an industrial carpet, executed by skilled masters of the “Cleaning-Service” company will create ideal conditions for maintenance of carpets in fragrant purity.

The dry-cleaning of an industrial carpet – is professional house keeping

Usually experts apply two ways of cleaning of an industrial carpet: hot extraction by means of water and, actually, dry-cleaning of an industrial carpet. During a dry-cleaning foam-forming or powder means are injected into a carpet, and after that are removed by means of a special equipment. At the final stage - drying.

Sometimes it happens so that, without having allowed a product to dry completely, some owners hurry to use an industrial carpet, as they say, for designated purpose, that is begin to move actively on it. It can't be done at all. A fitted carpet after a dry-cleaning has to dry out well, and it is necessary to remove the remains of chemical means from its subsoil completely. Otherwise the remained solution will become the reason of the strengthened dirt increase.

Regular cleaning of an industrial carpet will significantly prolong the term of operation and will improve appearance of products. In certain cases you should necessarily use a dry-cleaning. For example, the industrial carpets made with use of jute, coconut fabric and sisal without systematic cleaning very quickly come to full worthlessness.

Use of professional extractors «EDIC» (USA) provides deeper and high-quality cleaning of a fleecy surface. Producers of fitted carpets, as a rule, recommend this type of cleaning, especially when using industrial carpets at modern offices. Drying of carpets is carried out by means of powerful air convectors. To prevent fast pollution of fitted carpets our experts can carry out an additional protection.